Your Vote Is Our Power – Time is Running Out

Your Vote Is Our Power – Time is Running Out

Voting on our contract and representation closes Friday, February 28th.

We fought really hard to preserve our contract in this merger and for the chance to achieve improvements. If we don’t turn out a strong YES vote, we could lose everything we’ve fought for. Don’t let that happen! Vote FOR the Agreement on Bargaining and Representation (ABR) to guarantee our contract and our voice is included – and to ensure we have all of AFA’s professional resources backing us throughout the negotiations for our contract at the New American.

We are encouraging everyone to vote FOR the ABR. Don’t let others decide your future for you and don’t underestimate the power of your individual vote.

Our vote is our power – going into this merger we need to back up our negotiators with the power of every single US Airways Flight Attendant. Every single one of us needs to vote.

Leave Nothing to Chance – Take 2 Minutes to Vote Now

Go to to submit your vote on-line


Dial 888-488-7288 to submit your vote over the phone.

If you need a new authorization code to vote, call the Ballot Help Line at 800-424-2401, press 1 and then ext. 706. During business hours calls are being returned or new authorization codes are being sent to your email within a couple hours. Speak your message slowly and clearly. If you don’t hear back right away there’s likely a technical problem. Please call back.


If you have questions that need to be answered before casting your vote, call us back at 855-4-USA-AFA (855-487-2232).

Leaving Nothing to Chance

Everyone has a responsibility to vote – but we are leaving nothing to chance. Our Mobilization Committee is working on reaching out to every single Flight Attendant with voting reminders. But the messages might not get through. Your efforts to reach your friends will have the greatest impact. Contact 5 friends now – leave nothing to chance with this vote.

We are also in the process of rescheduling the Charlotte Ratification Meeting that was interrupted by Mother Nature on February 13th. As soon as we confirm a meeting date next week we will post that information too – We expect the meeting date to be the 25th or 26th.

Back Up Our Proposals with Your Vote

Our AFA Negotiating Team is meeting right now and preparing to meet with the APFA negotiating committee the first week of March. They are asking all of us to back up our negotiating position with high voter participation. This is the most important vote of our careers. It sets the stage for fighting for everything that’s important to us. Help us make sure all of our flying partners cast a vote before it’s too late.


What are we voting on?

Voting YES means:

  • US Airways Flight Attendants participate in joint contract negotiations based on both the AFA and APFA contracts with an improved economic standard.
  • AFA enforces our current contract through orderly transition to New American joint contract and APFA representation.
  • AFA and APFA link arms to fight for best of both contracts.

Voting NO means:

  • The APFA/USA management Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA) will govern negotiations for a single agreement unless AFA mounts and wins an uncertain, divisive representation election.
  • Risk of losing the US Airways contract because we have no guarantee to retain AFA representation or other protections contained in this agreement.
  • Squanders the benefits of the merger by engaging a divisive fight with our counterparts at American rather than uniting to fight for an industry leading agreement that contains the best of both contracts.If you need a new Activation Code or technical assistance, call the Ballot Help Line at 800-424-2401, press 1 and then ext. 706.