The Mobilization Committee was first formed under the direction of the JNC in March, 2011 when trying to achieve our now 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement. After nearly 3 succesful years of bringing on hundreds of Mobilizers across the system and several successful campaigns and solidarity activities, we saw the need to restructure the Committee . In July of 2012 we re-organized the Committee under the direction of the MEC’s, JNC and AFA-CWA International. Taking a much larger and more in depth approach into communicating with our Flying Peers.

102_1694.JPGPart of being a Mobilizer is just simply sharing the factual and accurate information in a timely manner, providing your Mobilization Chairs with valuable feedback from our Flying Peers and participating in a structured, organized and professional information Network comprised solely of US Airways Flight Attendants working hard for our future.

As we move into the merger with American Airlines, it’s more important than every to be armed with the facts and information! We need YOU!! It’s as simple as doing it while your flying the line, it’s as easy as having a one-on-one conversation. Together great things can be achieved. As a union we garner our power and strength from a well informed and educated workforce.